Friday, 9 January 2015

Same place, Different views - 02 / November [Part 3]

Finally, the third and final part of this installation. 

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (9M-MXE)

MAS in the new livery with the truncated Wau.

Royal Australian Air Force A330-203MRTT / KC-30A (A39-004)

This one came up after a looong time. Thought it was never going to depart. Used just enough runway to rotate at the most perfect of location. And voila. Here's the shot.

AirAsia A320 (9M-AQH)

Air Asia's 100th awesome plane. STAY STRONG AIRASIA.....

FedEx A310-324F (N811FD)

This FedEx was the last one taken near the departure area. The next few are taken just short of runway 04.

UPS B767-34AF (N359UP)

More winglet jets for me! Quite a punctual arrival from Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (9M-MXG)

Just a quick weather report. It was sunny and as hot as a frying pan. Sweating while snapping.

China Airlines Cargo B747-409F (B-18712)

And a heavy to end the day.

That's all for this session. Hope you've enjoyed it.

With all that is happening in the recent weeks, my thoughts and prayers go to those who have been affected by the QZ8501 flight.

MRTT penang
kc-30 penang sslee
air refueller takeoff penang a330-203
ups penang landing sslee
royal australian air force penang tanker sslee
air asia's 100th awesome plane penang sslee

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