Tuesday, 24 June 2014

2014.06.09 - Monday Spotting (Part 2)

Part 2, starts with a wave of A320s from AirAsia. You can see how the weather changes from ok, to dark and gloomy, giving quickly-protect-your-camera reaction.

Indonesia AirAsia A320 (PK-AXV)

Looked a bit high on approach while swaying from left to right

More and more sharklet fitted aircraft operating into Penang


And then... the rain came. With big drops of water threatening the life of my camera, I had no choice but to creep back into the car, hoping for no other arrivals within that period. It did pay of to a certain extent as I only got two aircraft coming in. I wonder what would have happened or how I would have felt if more came in. 

So first in under the rain was Firefly's first ATR72-600. The "noise" on the picture are actually rain drops, rather than digital noise. Had to sit at the passenger side and zoom out all the way in order to get a shot while still keeping the camera dry. The same couldn't be said for a small part of the seat though which was slightly damp after the short downpour.

Firefly's ATR72-600 (9M-FIA) Landing in heavy rain

Malindo Air ATR72-600 (9M-LMJ) with wipers in full speed in the rain

Well it was a good experience, and the second time (or was it the third) that I've spotted in the rain. The previous one I remembered was when Asiana's B744F came into Penang back in February 2013.

After the rain, it was the reign of Boeings. This section started with small Airbuses, so it shall end with small Boeings. Presenting... the Boeing 737.

First of it was Lion Air, sending in their B738.

Lion Air B737-8GP (PK-LJR)

Next from Singapore, Silkair with some visible vortices on the flap edges.

Silk Air B737-8SA (9V-MGD)

And finally, ending with an old workhorse of Malaysia Airlines, the 737-400. Didn't realised it at first but this should be the last series of shots that I've got on the -400 series as they were officially retired a few days later (doing a PEN > KUL sector)

Malaysia Airlines B737-4H6 (9M-MMK) on one of its last few flights

What a great ending to a great spotting session. Hope you've enjoyed it.

Thanks for viewing. Will be updating again should there be new sessions or from past (unposted) sessions if spotting trips could not be made.


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