Monday 1 April 2013

Heavy Day #3

This was a pleasant surprise. A private Challenger 605 that came in for landing. (I wander who this belongs to) Registration B-LSC. Nearly missed this due to its small size. Only had a few seconds to prep the camera for shooting.

This was a trainer aircraft I guess, as it performed multiple touch and gos. Missed it a couple of times as it is small, white and was quite high when it flew over head. It touched down in the middle of the runway. Diamond DA-40D 9M-HMP

And this is the daily visit by FedEx using their A300-600F and this is the N722FD.

Heavy Day #2

Let's get on to Part 2.

This aircraft makes a trip once every 2 days into Penang. 2nd time for me.

 Federal Express MD-11F Reg. N619FE
I like how the two tiny landing lights pop out up front.

Here it is just before touchdown. I try not to include obstructed shots, but this, oh well Two freighters in one. The UPS 767 waiting to cross the active runway is from the previous entry. The cargo terminal is opposite the main passenger terminal. Freighters would have to taxi back parallel to the runway, then cross the runway to their lot, unless they land from Runway 22, where they can directly exit to the cargo terminal.

Silk Air's A320-200 9V-SLM

Close up on AirAsia's A320-200 Reg. 9M-AQD

Tiger Airways A320 from Singapore, 9V-TAO

This AirAsia had the Skytrax Winner for Low Cost Airline stuck on their vertical stabiliser. This A320's reg. is 9M-AHO