Sunday 8 August 2021

Singapore National Day 2021 - and more

It's 2021.... well 8 months in and with the global situation not quite favouring air travel, we don't really see as much action as we would normally see. Granted it is a wee bit better than how it was a year back.

Was a rather quiet national day here in Singapore. Managed to get these few shots. 

Classic fly-by of the Chinook and the Apaches

Missed the first flyby. This was their second run

Now despite being near the airport, getting to the ideal spotting location isn't all that easy, nor is it quick. Can take up to an hour just to reach that location, and once there, you just got to hope that no rain clouds come by and that the runways in use are favourable.

So, tried to get a few shots from a nearby location. I'd normally do closer crops, but this is way too far for one. This is the best one can get. Starting off with a few new catches.

The first was Scoot's rather new A321 Neo. Looks a bit more proportionate with the larger engines on the longer fuselage

Scoot A321-271NX (9V-NCB)

Up next, Singapore Airlines now has its narrowbody fleet. Here's the 738 NG in SQ colours.

SilkAir Singapore Airlines B737-8SA (9V-MGC)

Then came one of the most successful widebody twin. Actually made many quads go out of business. Here's KLM's 77W. Love the curves of the new (yes... for some time now) livery

KLM B777-306ER (PH-BVV)

Singapore Airlines B777-312ER (9V-SWP)

Was lucky enough to catch this special livery of Xiamen Air's Dreamliner

Xiamen Air B787-8 (B-1356)

And then came the queen herself. Don't really see many of the passenger variants anymore. This is the closest for now.

Korean Air Cargo B747-4B5(F) (HL7605)

And just as the sun was setting, it projects a rather nice yellow hue on this one. This particular one is a very special aircraft, one that has it's dedicated place in my heart.

Singapore Airlines A350-941 (9V-SMA)

And last off, is a new-ish aircraft which so happens to be the main reason for this particular trip, though by the time it departed, there wasn't much light left. Might need some time to get used to those new winglets.

Garuda A330-941 (PK-GHF)

That's all for this session. Not that much, but it is good enough.

Here's to better days for the aviation industry.



a330 neo

xiamen air dreamliner

singapore airlines a350