Sunday 21 July 2013

Japan-Narita #01

Here are some (lots) shots from the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences, Narita, Japan.

The shots are taken from an old control tower that has been converted to a viewing deck.

Traffic here is incredibly heavy with heavies... Was there for 3 hours and there were non-stop departures and arrivals of numerous airlines. Got off the bus and saw this coming in.
Delta Airlines A330-300 (N820NW)

This was the view, looking out of the viewing area.

This next one was the A320, with sharklets. This was holding short of the runway waiting for the inbound 747.
Jetstar Japan A320-200 (JA12JJ)

Nippon Cargo Airlines B747-400F (JA05KZ)

More updates coming up....

Monday 1 July 2013

Hong Kong #5

Cathays Galore..... well, and a Dragon Air

Cathay Pacific B777-300 (B-HNE)

Cathay Pacific B777-200 (B-HNC)

The -300 is extended both before and after the wing (with almost equal length based on these pics). It's amazing how the same wingspan of the -200 is able to support the extended fuselage length of the -300.

Dragon Air A321-200 (B-HTI)

Don't get to see A321s in Penang.
 Cathay Pacific A330-300

Here's a shot of the cargo terminal before takeoffs. Would you just look at the number of 747s parked there. I count about 9, quite a number of them being the 748f.

And here's the runway just before the Captain aligns to it.

Bon Voyage Hong Kong... See you soon.