Saturday 16 February 2013

Another 747

Was so happy to see this coming in from a far. Sadly however, it was raining, so it was rather difficult to get a great shot. Had to keep the camera dry. Anyway, here it is, Asiana Boeing 747-400F (HL 7640).

 Front view of it coming in. You can see the landing lights really clear now.
 Another front view shot. You can see the fallout of the lens in this image. Thankfully though, it did not affect the image. The lack of clarity is mainly contributed by the rain. 
And this is is the closest to the 747 I could possibly capture. A higher angle will result in water entering the camera and THAT is NOT a good thing.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Old spot

This is gonna be a long one.. Visited an old location where I've been to watch planes take off. If you are wondering how long ago it was since I was there, it was the time where Singapore Airlines still operate 777s from Penang to Singapore. It was easier then to see the aircrafts go by as the fence was much lower. Now, there is an additional layer of higher fences after the old ones PLUS TREES and LEAVES...... Anyway, here are some of the shots, the better ones among the tonnes of photos taken.

The first one here is a far shot of Sriwijaya Air 737-400 (PK-CKD) in old colours. Note the double layered fencing
 Sriwijaya 734 getting ready for takeoff

A shot of  SilkAir's A320 (9V-SLM)
This shot was taken with the camera way above my head, and hence the clipping of the tail section.
It is no longer easy to get great shots or even find an opening to view the runway.

One of the better shots during this duration. DHL's A300-600F (B-LDE) This aircraft was taxiing to the cargo terminal.

 Well this one caught my eye. It was a Malaysia Airlines Flight, but it was operated by a half painted Firefly scheme (9M-FZB) with no airline markings. I guess it is in the process of being painted to the new MAS livery as Firefly has terminated all its jet fleet and is now concentrating on propliners.

Another not so great shot from my view point. But hey, I'm happy with it. Speed brakes - checked, reverse thrusters - checked, airline visible - checked. Tiger Airways A320 (9V-TAM)

That's all for now. Hope you've enjoyed this post. Do drop comments.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

DHL 727

Another freighter, DHL Boeing 727-200 Adv. (9M-TGH) operated by Transmile Services. You could see this coming from a mile away with its smoke trails.... 

Smoke trails from the tri-jet
 Front View
 Side/Bottom view of the 727
 And finally, the back view showing off the three engines and the T tail

One of the less frequently captured aircraft (either that or my timing is out). Would have loved to be able to see it on the ground with reverse thrusters and speed brakes.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

UPS B757

Another great moment of photography. Being a smaller airport, most of the inbound flights are operated by B737s or A320s. They all have the same distinctive landing light arrangements. So when one aircraft is spotted with a slightly different set of landing lights, boy oh boy are we in for a treat. Here's a UPS B757-200 Freighter (N463UP). Taken at about 10.00 am, with sunny skies.
UPS B757-200F Front view

Side view

Back view