Sunday 30 December 2018

Changi Beach Spotting 2018.10.15

Managed to squeeze another session at Changi Beach before leaving Singapore. This was a rather short session as I was all the way in the middle of Singapore doing some exploration. Only managed to arrive later in the evening when the sun was setting and when the clouds rolled in.

First shot is usually a test shot of the environment, and.... this did not turn out as how I would have liked it to turn out, but regardless, here's a 737-700.

Regent Airways B737-7V3 (S2-AHC)

Quite a number of arrivals were on the other runway, and with low light and having the subject way too far away, not many nice shots were taken. Was glad that this "Dugong" came. The same one I caught during the last session.

Singapore Airlines A380-841 (9V-SKV)

And I still remembered when Scoot (Tigerair) first came in their new livery on the narrowbody jets. Was so excited to see them in Penang. Most of their fleet is now in this livery and only a handful of jets are either in all-white or white with Scoot stickers.

Scoot A320-232 (9V-TAX)

Up next is the stretched and longer range variant of the 777, the 777-300ER, commonly known as 77W by many. Those raked wingtips are actually more effective for long-haul flights than winglets.

Singapore Airlines B777-312(ER) (9V-SWT)

The dimmer switch was adjusted and I had some light to brighten up these last few arrivals. Starting with the OZ dugong.

Qantas A380-842 (VH-OQA)

BA's 77W joined in the party as the sky began to brighten even more.

British Airways B777-36N(ER) (G-STBB)

Long haul twins like these 350 is going to be a very common sight in the coming future. It is an amazing aircraft nonetheless (though I still have more fondness of the 330/340 nose design)

Singapore Airlines A350-941 (9V-SMJ)

And just as I was about to pack to leave the area, the sun decided to show itself for a short moment, bathing this Jetstar aircraft with a lovely golden light.

Jetstar Asia A320-232 (9V-JSK)

So far that's all the sessions that I have so far at Changi Beach. Will be revisiting this spot again next year.

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I wish all readers a wonderful New Year 2019.
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Monday 17 December 2018

Changi Beach 2018.09.23 [Part 3]

Now for the third and final part of this spotting session, we shall shift the focus back to the heavyweights. This session was originally meant solely to get the arrival of the ULR A350, but with so much traffic coming in, one just can't help but continue snapping. First up, Scoot's 787-9.

Scoot B787-9 (9V-OJB)

And followed by Jetstar's 787-8. The -8 series is slightly shorter than the -9 series by a few frames.

Jetstar B787-8 (VH-VKG)

Coming in from Bangkok, here's Thai Airways' 777. The equipment used to be the A340-600 at times, but after they were retired, this is the one to go with.

Thai Airways B777-3D7 (HS-TKA)

Up next is Qantas, sending in their 380. They do have several flights coming in around that period. Spotted an A330 coming in earlier on the other runway. This aircraft carries the updated livery with less bold and non-italic "Qantas".

Qantas A380-842 (VH-OQL)

This 330 did a missed approach on the other runway (20C) about 20 minutes ago, and is now back on 20R.

Cebu Pacific A330-343 (RP-C3346)

Here are two SQ birds back to back. First the 380, and the second the 787-10.

Singapore Airlines A380-841 (9V-SKV)

Timing was a bit off for this Dreamliner, and was only able to snap a few photos when it flew overhead. While it isn't the best shot, at least........ there's a bird. Singapore Airlines is the Launch Customer for the -10 Dreamliner.

Singapore Airlines B787-10 (9V-SCE)

And to end the day, this was spotted while waiting for my bus to arrive. Another one of those airlines you don't get to see in Penang. 

Turkish Airlines B777-3F2(ER) (TC-LJF)

And I must say, it was an amazing experience at Changi Beach. It was my first time, but definitely not going to be my last time spotting here. Everything is so convenient. You have a clear view of the approach, there are trees blocking the sun, it is by the beach so you can sit on the sand if needed, and there is a restroom nearby. It is indeed a spotter's paradise. And the traffic... WOW. The only little thing that I had to deal with was the chance of missing some arrivals as they were performing parallel approaches. Lufthansa's 350 all went the other side.

Only have another (rather short) session at Changi Beach. After that, it is back to the Penang files.

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Friday 14 December 2018

Changi Beach 2018.09.23 [Part 2]

This continuation is long overdue. Been held up by quite a few things recently. Will try to update as much as possible.

This one is one of SQ's main workhorse. The 777 one of the greatest aircraft that has been built, with a very good safety record too. It all started with the 777-200, but in a few years, we will be seeing the updated 777x family, with folding wingtips.

Singapore Airlines B777-212ER (9V-SQN)

Next is another great selling twin-engine from Airbus, the A330. SQ uses them on medium hall routes.

Singapore Airlines A330-343 (9V-SSG)

And now for the barrage of narrowbody aircraft. It was originally dominated by A and B, 320s and 737s, but with newer and newer entries like the Bombardier C series (or now the A220), would be great to see the variations. Here we have aircraft from the region, Jetstar, Garuda, VietJet and SilkAir.

Jetstar Asia A320-232 (9V-JSM)

Garuda Indonesia B737-86N (PK-GFY)

The nose of VietJet somehow gives me the impression of a military jet, with the two-tone radome and the flag.

VietJet A320-214 (VN-A695)

SilkAir has taken delivery of several 737 MAX 8 aircraft (9V-MBx series). These aircraft can be clearly distinguished from their 737-800 counterparts by looking at their wingtips, and engines. For those with a sharper eye, the MAX series sit higher on the runway than the normal 737 series, and have a different tailcone.

SilkAir B737 MAX 8 (9V-MBE)

Now back to the widebodies again. Up next, one of the first all new aircraft from Boeing, the 787-8 Dreamliner. Came with such elegance, with the raked wingtips, gorgeous wingflex and sharper nose. This is the shortest version of the family. Here's LOT's 788 coming in from Warsaw.

LOT Polish Airlines B787-8 (SP-LRB)

To end this part, here's Swiss' 777-300ER, being delivered early 2016. Their previous long haul routes were served by A340s.

Swiss B777-3DE(ER) (HB-JNB)

To be continued in Part 3.