Wednesday 10 October 2018

Changi Beach 2018.09.23 [Part 1]

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to do some photography at Changi Beach. The area is really spotter friendly with good lighting, good shade and restrooms available. Was there to get the arrival of SQ's ULR 350 and it was beautiful. Here's the link to the photos.

This post shows the other "normal" traffic you would usually get at Changi. You get such a great selection from all over the world. You would however miss the ATR turboprops as not many fly into Changi.

So the first on the list was Philippines Airlines, with their 330.

Philippines Airlines A330-343 (RP-CC8762)

One advantage Penang airport had was that there was only 1 runway, so all arrivals are on that particular one, Runway 04. Occasionally the winds change and they come from the other direction. At Changi, when arrivals are from the North, there's a chance that aircraft may land on 20R (where I was) or 20C, slightly further off, beyond the reach of 300mm, as you will see below.

Lufthansa A350-941 (D-AIXD)

Weather was rather good with occasional cloud patches which blocked the sun for short periods of time. Here's a familiar face.

Malindo B737-8GP (9M-LNP)

Here's another 738 from China. May be time for this bird to have a nice bath.

Shenzhen Airlines B737-87L (B-1711)

One great thing about the traffic here is that they keep on coming. And one can expect it to be of almost any kind. We had the 737, up next is an aircraft that's so large, ATC designate them the Supers.

British Airways A380-841 (G-XLEH)

Fun fact, the designations Super and Heavy are for the controllers, and pilots to know how big the aircraft are and how much wake turbulence they generate, and how much separation is required between them and the aircraft following them. Wake turbulence can be a serious thing, especially if you are a small aircraft travelling too close to a huge one like the A380 as it can cause your plane to be tossed around.

Up next is the longest variant of the 737 family, the -900 series. 737s usually have 4 pairs of doors, one up front, one at the rear and 2 over the wings. This one, to cater for the increase passenger capacity has an extra pair just behind the wing.

Lion Air B737-9GP(ER) (PK-LHR)

As Jetstar's A320 arrived, I had the opportunity to frame it together with a departing aircraft. Most of the arrivals are on 20R and departures are on 20C. The aircraft in the background is China Eastern's A320. After departing, Northbound aircraft would make a 180 degree turn towards the north.

Jetstar A320-232 (9V-JSO)

Then we have the shorter variant of the 737 from China.

China Southern B737-71B (B-5285)

Switching over to the far end, Lufthansa's A380 makes an appearance. Good to see them sending a few flights over per day.

Lufthansa A380-841 (D-AIMA)

More to come in Part 2

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