Monday 24 June 2013

Hong Kong #4

This next one is a real sight.
A380-800 (9V-SKP)

Side view of the A380 with slightly better lighting

Cathay Pacific A330-300 (B-HLU) with the One World Livery

A wee bit shaky on landing, touching down on the left mains before the right.

Here's Air China's 777-200 (B-2061). Note the jetway rubber stains around the doors.

Will be updating soon....

Sunday 16 June 2013

Hong Kong #3

Next on the list, is Cathay Pacific's 777-300 (B-HNJ). Another one of those long aircrafts. 
 Was supposed to be taking this type (-300) all the way to Narita after Hong Kong, whereby Seat 34K was like any other normal windowed seat. However for some reasons, Cathay changed it to a -200, making my 34K windowless... (NOOOOOOOOOOO) But thankfully, not much to snap after departing from Hong Kong and arriving to Narita (Night Time).
Then we have All Nippon Airways from Japan. ANA is a large operator of 767s. This is a -300ER version (JA618A).
Vietnam Airlines is one of those airlines such as Royal Jordanian, Korean Air, KLM and others that paint their aircrafts in full colour, instead of the majority white colour used by most airliners. I would guess that the painting costs are the same whether its white or other colours as the aircraft's first base colours are usually green (for Airbus). Anyway, here's the A321-200 reg VN-A367.
An airline from a neighbouring country, Royal Brunei Airlines A320 (V8-RBV), a smaller relative of the above A321.
And to conclude post #3, allow me to showcase the FLYING PANDA!! Quite glad to get this airline's aircraft in this special livery. ANA 767-300ER (JA606A)

Thursday 13 June 2013

Hong Kong #2

GATE 18......
That was were my camera was clicking for about an hour. It overlooks Runway 25R. The landings per minute is soo much higher than the landings per hour in Penang. Paradise for me. :D

Nearly missed the first one that came in after I reached that spot. It was a China Airlines A330-300.

 Reg. B-18303

Followed by Cathay's A330-300 (B-HLD). This one 'bounced' quite a number of times before fully hugging the ground and deploying its spoilers.Rough wind conditions I guess.

 Next was the Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747-400 (B-HUE). Love the elegance of this aircraft as it approaches the runway.
This one was a real treat for my eyes, Cathay Pacific Cargo B747-8f (B-LJG). First time seeing it and lovin it too. With raked wingtips and new engines, its just lovely. Its even longer than the A340-600, which I have yet to see. A340s rarely fly in to Penang.

Monday 10 June 2013

Hong Kong #1

Went for a very nice vacation to Tokyo, Japan. Took Cathay Pacific again as they operate directly from Penang at reasonable prices too. Couldn't get a nice pic of my aircraft before takeoff as they completely revamped the Penang Airport to make it look modern-ish. Caters for more aircrafts I guess. But if my memory serves me correctly, its a 777-200 (B-HND)
Above shows the old terminal with the pointy roofs. Note the new terminal on the right. Below however, at the "Penang International Airport" has replaced the pointy roof building. Looks nice, but so does the old one.
Thai Airways A300-600 (HS-TAO), the first A300 passenger variant I've seen. All the time it has been the freighter versions by FedEx and Air Hongkong.

Much of the time of the flight to Hong Kong was spent on in-flight entertainment which used the not-so-clear LCD screens. Bulkhead was had a great legroom though as my seat (30A) add full access to two windows. IFEs on Cathay's regional 777 aircrafts aren't that great as the screen quality is bad, and all of its movies run concurrently. Should there be two shows you'd love to watch, oh well you'll have to sacrifice one.

Anyway, three hours later, here I was at Hong Kong. Sky was clearer this time and sunnier.
The area in front of Dragon Air 330 (Gate 18) is where my main spotting was done as it overlooked Runway 25R, which handles most of the inbound aircrafts.

The landing made me wonder if the aircraft was undergoing a landing gear strength test. But then again, it's Hong Kong, with crosswinds and wind shears, the pilot did a great job getting us down. **Thumbs UP.

And what a coincidence, 4 A330s in a row.
Aeroflot A330-300 (VP-BDE)
Air Seychelles A330-200 (A6-EYZ) 
 Dragon Air A330-300 (B-HYF) with the full golden dragon
Asiana A330-300 (HL7747), love this livery over the older full brown livery

More updates coming UP. Stay tuned.......