Friday 29 December 2017

MH A350, the A400 and other beauties

Well it is a beautiful December. Many good things came and many more good things are coming. This post will include several shots taken over several days.

With Malaysia Airlines taking delivery of their first and second A350, they are sending them to Penang, Bangkok and even to KK for training purposes before they are sent on the long-haul flights. Let's start off with an overhead shot.

Malaysia Airlines A350-941 (9M-MAB)

This next session was aimed at catching MAC's first visit to Penang. Did not managed to get it this round as they were delayed for about almost an hour plus, and I arrived just after SilkAir's B737-8 MAX landed (grr). Anyway, here are the other ones that arrived. UPS are using their 757 these few days. 757s are such versatile aircraft. Read somewhere that they are now still in demand due to their performance.

UPS B757-24A(PF) (N462UP)

This FedEx came from Bangkok. It's been some time since I've spotted planes from this location. Fun fact, the doors of the 767 slide upwards into the aircraft, unlike other airliners that swing open.

FedEx B767-3S2F(ER) (N110FE)

Was about to make my move when I saw the blip approaching. It was an A400. Flew in from Alor Setar Airport. Instead of landing however, it powered up and flew overhead. Training most probably.

RMAF A400M-180 (M54-xx)

Sounds like a very powerful ATR72

And to end this segment, here's the special-livery A350. With this flight to Penang (MH1138/MH1143), we get two 350 visits to Penang every day. Something fun to see for the month of December.

Malaysia Airlines A350-941 (9M-MAC)

Bearing the Negaraku Livery

That's all for this session. 


malaysia airlines a350 penang sslee
sslee a400 penang

Monday 11 December 2017

Malaysia Airlines A350 visits Penang

A special session.

Malaysia Airlines have just taken delivery of their latest aircraft, the A350 and are doing short-haul runs between Kuala Lumpur and Penang (MH1140 / MH1145) throughout the month of December, providing more than enough opportunity to catch it. Their second A350, (9M-MAC) with the Negaraku Livery will be coming shortly, so got to look out for that too. Now for the photos.

On Approach

Malaysia Airlines A350-941 (9M-MAB)

For an aircraft (and engine) of that size, it is surprisingly quiet, gracefully gliding past. It comes equipped with the new wingtip devices as well as very bright white landing lights. Also glad that they finally got the logo, the Wau in correct position, without chopping any part off.

Approaching the runway.

Definitely going to have more sessions to catch this bird before they are swapped with the 737.


Friday 3 November 2017

Spotting session - 21 Oct - Part 3

Part 3 !!

There was a slight drizzle after the Korean 777 which prevented me to get the arrival shot of the next one, but on the taxi run, the skies cleared. That's Penang weather for you. This one had the "Turn Back Crime" livery.

Indonesia AirAsia A320-216 (PK-AXY)

The second FedEx jet of the day came from Singapore. A 767. One of the 767 would depart sometime around 2pm. Have always wanted to catch the departure of the MD-11s back when they still operate, but had always took it for granted that they would forever be there. To those of you out there, if you to do something, do it as soon as you can as you might never know when you might not have the opportunity again. And I'm not just referring to photo taking here. Do what you gotta do.

FedEx B767-3S2F(ER) N125FE

Short commercial break for AirAsia....

AirAsia A320-216 (9M-AJW)

Before resuming with the programme.

Wide shot of the aircraft approaching the Cargo Ramp.

Decided to then head over to get some departure shots. Was not looking for anything in particular, but just to grab some of the departing narrowbodies. I got one alright, but not something I expected.

Neptune Air B737-3S3(SF) (9M-NEF)

As far as I know, Neptune Air doesn't operate on weekends. She only departs on weekdays to Singapore. Was pleasently surprised. 

The 737-300 series can be considered a classic (at least in my mind). The rough edges, lack of winglets and very loud engines. This was once an airliner that was capable of carrying up to 140 passengers back in the late 80s, before it was converted to a freighter (hence SF) in the early 90s. Been with many airlines before coming to Neptune Air.

Was kinda over the moon with this shot, and was satisfied. Head over to the last place, to get some arrival shots. The road has been widened, but that doesn't stop people from enjoying the wonderful spotting activiy (me included).

Back view

Did not have my wide lens with me this round (dang it!) so could only get some long shots. Took this opportunity to just admire the queen as she glided to the runway. Being so close, the experience was just amazing. I do have to quote a friend of mine who commented about this experiece "My view is all filled with with that plane. IN HD!!!"

With a cloudy weather, one second, you get to see a plane fully illuminated by the sun, the next, completely covered by the clouds.

Jetstar Asia A320-232

And to wrap it all up, here's the belly shot of an AirAsia jet on approach. Just slightly off centre due to the winds coming from the west.

AirAsia A320-216 (9M-AQD)

That's all for this session. It has truly been an enjoyable session, and a somewhat different one too. Thanks for viewing. Stay tuned for more posts in the future.


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747 cargo penang planespotting

Saturday 28 October 2017

Spotting session - 21 Oct - Part 2

And here we are, Part 2. Starting off with the A320NEO's departure. It is always fun to see larger aircraft heading your direction. Again, for those who may have missed part 1, departing aircraft had to use Taxiway B for some reasons. This gave me good opportunity to capture head-on shots of them.

NEO with the ATC tower

AirAsia A320-251N (9M-AGH)

A patch of clouds rolled in after the NEO, thank goodness for that. Here's an AJ series without sharklets. Being the original A320, the reversers are petal-type (four doors opening outwards).

AirAsia A320-216 (9M-AJW)

Silkair B737-8SA (9V-MGE)

At about 930, China Southern was ready for departure. They fly in the previous night and stays till the next day. China Southern sends a variety of jets to Penang. The usual visitors are 320s and the smaller 319s. These days however, they send the longer version of the 320 family, the A321.

China Southern Airlines A321-211 (B-6663)

Wondering how to tell the difference? A320s and A319s have small exit doors above the wings. But if you look closely at the A321, you can see a door fore and aft of the wing.

Up next is one from Bangkok, having departed 2 hours earlier.

Having seen the various models FedEx sends, of all of them, the MD-11 would be my favourite. On approach, the beautiful tri-holer will always proudly announce her arrival. Nowadays, only 767s and sometimes on the rare occasion, a 757 will drop in.

FedEx B767-3S2F(ER) (N104FE)

Up next is our National Carrier, Malaysia Airlines with the B737. They fly the PEN-KUL route only a few times a day, a lot less that the Low Cost Carrier AirAsia.

Now here's some good news, MH will be sending their brand new A350 on the KUL-PEN route sometime in January. Be on the lookout.

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (9M-MLU)

The time between 8am and 10am is where we see the most movements for the day, and usually at about 945. This period will complete with a bang, the departure of Cargo aircraft be they 777s or 747s. Here's Korean Air Cargo.

Staring the Worldliner. Look at the GE90 engines

Slowly turning onto the runway

Having discovered my little fondness of taking head-on shots, there I was, getting ready to get a closer view of the 777. Just as I clicked the shutter at the point where it is so well aligned, my camera froze. YEP!! It froze. The mirror was locked up and it was saving the photo (light was blinking faster than Christmas Lights).

Waited for a bit for the photo to be saved, but it was taking too long. The engines were spooling up and if I were to wait any longer, I might very well miss the departure shots. Of course one might argue that I have had shots like those but it is different for each plane. You understand that (right?).

Closeup of the triple bogie main landing gear

Korean Air Cargo B777-FB5 (HL8251)

To be continued in Part 3.

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Spotting session - 21 Oct - Part 1

This is going to be a long one, and an enjoyable one too. Going to be generous on the photos too....

Upon arrival, baby Thai had just completed the pushback sequence and was ready for departure. This round saw all departing aircraft using Taxiway B which gave lots of opportunities for closeup shots. This Thai Smile aircraft donned a different dress, the Cartoon Network Amazone livery.

Thai Smile A320-232 (HS-TXQ)

Looking into the distance, a bright white light caught my eye. Now seeing many approaching shots, bright white lights means a new plane (older planes have yellow lights). 

AirAsia A320-251N (9M-AGH)

It was amazing to see the NEO coming in; the engines, the sound, the engines......

Now back to the international gate, Cathay Dragon (Dragonair) has started taxiing to the runway. This red livery is starting to grow on me.

Turning onto TW B

Widebodies do not usually turn here, but rather start their takeoff runs from the start of 04. Only experienced this once some time back. Here she is making the turn (lit perfectly by the rising sun; thank you)

Cathay Dragon A330-343 (B-LBG)

Upon closer inspection of the front section of the plane, there is a sticker there albeit a bit torn off.

Is that a pillow blocking the window?

Off to Hong Kong

Back to the Bravo, we have Indonesia AirAsia on hold, waiting for their turn to depart after an arrival.

Indonesia AirAsia A320-216 (PK-AXR)

Aircraft arriving was Firefly's, with the "Visit Selangor" livery.

Firefly ATR72-500 (9M-FYE)

See the lit fan blades

This pilot must've tried to give the passengers the best landing experience. Very smooth touchdown on the mains with the flare still present till after Bravo TW.

Malindo ATR72-600 (9M-LMU)

Next up, Air HongKong, on-time as usual. Touched down rather early on the runway and only used idle reverse. No thrill of the loud sounds of the engines.

Rubber burning

All out, spoilers, flaps, reversers

Air HongKong A300F4-605R (B-LDB)

This is where Part 1 ends. Stay tuned for part 2.