Friday 29 December 2017

MH A350, the A400 and other beauties

Well it is a beautiful December. Many good things came and many more good things are coming. This post will include several shots taken over several days.

With Malaysia Airlines taking delivery of their first and second A350, they are sending them to Penang, Bangkok and even to KK for training purposes before they are sent on the long-haul flights. Let's start off with an overhead shot.

Malaysia Airlines A350-941 (9M-MAB)

This next session was aimed at catching MAC's first visit to Penang. Did not managed to get it this round as they were delayed for about almost an hour plus, and I arrived just after SilkAir's B737-8 MAX landed (grr). Anyway, here are the other ones that arrived. UPS are using their 757 these few days. 757s are such versatile aircraft. Read somewhere that they are now still in demand due to their performance.

UPS B757-24A(PF) (N462UP)

This FedEx came from Bangkok. It's been some time since I've spotted planes from this location. Fun fact, the doors of the 767 slide upwards into the aircraft, unlike other airliners that swing open.

FedEx B767-3S2F(ER) (N110FE)

Was about to make my move when I saw the blip approaching. It was an A400. Flew in from Alor Setar Airport. Instead of landing however, it powered up and flew overhead. Training most probably.

RMAF A400M-180 (M54-xx)

Sounds like a very powerful ATR72

And to end this segment, here's the special-livery A350. With this flight to Penang (MH1138/MH1143), we get two 350 visits to Penang every day. Something fun to see for the month of December.

Malaysia Airlines A350-941 (9M-MAC)

Bearing the Negaraku Livery

That's all for this session. 


malaysia airlines a350 penang sslee
sslee a400 penang

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