Thursday 8 October 2020

Changi 20C Departure Shots 2020.10.06

Well the current global situation hasn't been very kind to the aviation industry. From an aerodrome that saw countless departures every minute, now it has gone down to frequencies even lower than that of Penang. Nevertheless, there is still the opportunity to get photos.

The interesting about the session that day was the weather. (Hint: Not.Optimal.At.All). Upon arrival, there were low clouds moving towards the direction of the AD. The morning sun helped to give light from an angle, illuminating the planes, but the issue was that the planes were going INTO the clouds, disappearing from sight.

One of the best combinations was with this Air HongKong freighter. This one visits Penang ever so often and is probably heading there too.

Air HongKong A300F4-605F (B-LDF)

And yeah, the lights went out after this. Up next is SQ's first A350, delivered about 4 years ago. Seen here powering through the clouds. Could not see the vortex in the clouds though.

Singapore Airlines A350-941 (9V-SMA)

Now you see what I mean??

It is now very rare to see quad jets in this region. Skies that were once graced by the fuel guzzling 340s and the 747s are now filled the the very common, much more efficient Dreamliners and the 350s for passenger carriage. Even cargo operators have moved from the Iconic MD-11s to the 76Fs and 77Fs. So this next one was a pleasant surprise. Thank goodness 74Fs are still popular.

Hearing the roar of the approaching aircraft is just amazing. YOU KNOW when the queen is approaching.

ACT Airlines B747-428ERF (TC-ACR)

IndiGo was next, heading on a 4 hour-plus trip home. I really salute those who have to go through long(ish) flights on a narrowbody aircraft.

IndiGo A320-232 (VT-IFP)

After quite some quiet time, this little Fokker appeared. Seems to be doing circuit training as it stayed quite low after takeoff. Did quite a few rounds while I was there.

RSAF Fokker 50 (711)

Up next was the regional variant of SQ's A350. Weather was getting worse with dark clouds looming,  with winds blowing them inland.

Singapore Airlines A350-941 (9V-SHO)

Banking shot might be better with 20R departures

The last one on the list was the Dreamliner. The -9s and -10s seem more proportional as compared to the stubbier -8 variants. Photo had to be heavily edited though.

Singapore Airlines B787-10 Dreamliner (9V-SCF)

That's about all for this session. Spent almost 2 hours there. Here's to skies being more packed with planes in the near future, and for the other ones to come out of storage.


Tuesday 24 March 2020

Perth Spotting 2019.06.25 Part 3

First and foremost, I do like to apologize to all viewers for such a long break in between. Ever since my return from Australia, things have been quite packed. Here's to finishing off the Perth session. Starting off with a few lighter category aircraft

Qantas B737-838 (VH-VYK)

A rarer kind which one does not usually see. The Embraer 190.

Cobham Aviation E190 (VH-ZPT)

Qantas Link Fokker 100 (VH-NQE)

Qantas Link Fokker 100 (VH-NHI)

Qantas Link Fokker 100 (VH-NHV)

Aircraft using RW03 gives us spotters quite a good opportunity to have closeups on them. To be honest, was partially hoping that the FO would smile and wave.

Hi there

RW03 operations

So many of the Saabs are now being parked amid the slowdown in the aviation industry.

Saab 340B (VH-ZLS)

Up next is the one we've all been waiting for the entire trip. We were lucky that the winds remained and SQ could use 03.

Qantas Link Fokker 100 (VH-NHQ)

At the holding point

Mandatory nose shot

Singapore Airlines A350-941 (9V-SHH)

It was incredibly quieter than a lot of other jets operating, even with the takeoff power being set. A few more narrowbody arrivals before we hit the conclusion. I cannot imagine how the 5-hour ride would be from Kuala Lumpur on a narrowbody. Personally, I feel those as long as 3 hours are still bearable, but not all the way here to Perth.

Malindo B737-9GP(ER) (9M-LNK)

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (9M-MXE)

Qantas B737-838 (VH-VXW)

Kinda miss see the Fokkers in Penang. Their tech stop has now changed to Subang, so no more of those in Penang.

Alliance Fokker 100 (VH-FKK)

Virgin Australia A320-232 (VH-VNP)

And here are the last few that we caught before calling it a day. All of them being 330s.

Virgin Australia A330-243 (VH-XFJ)

Qantas A330-202 (VH-EBO)

SQ's 330 were on one of their last few flights into Perth. They probably operated for a few more days before it was replaced with the 787. Seems like the days of their 330s are numbered, as more efficient aircraft like the 787s and 350s are received.

Singapore Airlines A330-343 (9V-STU)

Thank you for viewing and I wish everyone here a pleasant day. Hope to bring you more photos in the near future.


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