Sunday 31 August 2014

2014.08.17 Spotting Session - Part 2

Continuing on... here are some of the heavies that came in for the day. The great and sunny weather continued all the way to the end of the session. Yes, it was HOT, but well worth it.

UPS B767-34AF (N361UP)

This was actually one of my intended catch of the day. Back then (maybe about 2 years back), I used to always ask myself.. Why do I keep getting the UPS but not the FedEx MD-11. Then as time went by, I got more and more of the FedEx's MD-11 than the UPS' B763. So now here I am, back at hoping that I would get more 763s. The winglets really compliment this model. It makes it look more balanced and sturdy.

Lion Air B737-8GP (PK-LKW)

About a year old, this aircraft still looks great. No eyebrows on the cockpit though.

FedEx A310-324 (N808FD)

This one was also a great treat as FedEx usually send A300-600Fs into Penang. Sometimes two of them in a row. The A310 looks a bit stubby at this range :).

China Airlines Cargo B747-409F (B-18720)

Four engines, 18 wheels, and really loud up close. The sound emitted is just incredible.

SilkAir B737-8SA (9V-MGE)

Next is one of the best selling short-haul models, the B737. This is one of the latest (at time of writing) B738 of SilkAir. Silkair colours are simple and look nice regardless on whether it is on the Airbus models or the Boeing models.

Firefly ATR72-500 (9M-FYJ)

And to end it, here's an ATR, approaching slowly but surely to Runway 04.

This was one of the best sessions that I've had since the time I spotted the UPS 757 and the DHL 727. Truly enjoyed it and looking forward to even more sessions like this. Also one of those rare times that I can set a shutter speed of more than 1/800th of a second.

Links to those pics:

That is all for this session. Hoping that the next one will be equally great!!


silkair b738 9v-mge sslee penang
ups 767 sslee penang
china cargo airlines penang sslee
fedex a310 penang sslee
lion air sslee

Tuesday 19 August 2014

2014.08.17 Spotting Session - Part 1

Hello everyone. It has been long. But it was a good wait. It has been raining almost everytime I go spotting. It has greatly increased my ability to lie at a perfect angle so as to be able to snap the planes coming in, while still be in the shade from the rain.

But guess what??! This time, it was SUNNY and BRIGHT. One could not have asked for better lighting than that day. So here it is. The first bright set of photos after a long time.

Indonesia AirAsia A320 (PK-AXL)

9M-AJE, equipped with sharklets

Of course we cannot have Airbuses all day. So to break the trend, this baby Boeing flew in gracefully. Short and sweet. The winglets sure make the wings look that much longer.

Sriwijaya Air B737-524 (PK-CLO)

And we are back to Airbuses. The next shot is one that I do not get everytime. Lots of light, even enough to shine into the engine intakes, and enough for me to push the shutter speed to 1/800th of a second. This was at F8.0. Should I get this opportunity again, would be opening up the aperture to F5.6, and snapping at about 1/1600th or 1/2000th of a second, seeing if I am able to freeze the engine fan blades.


Malindo Air ATR72-600 (9M-LML)

Malindo came in after all the jets, flying pass some thick cloud formations. They have rather distinctive light arrangements and the ATRs are quite easily recognisable from a distance.

AirAsia (9M-AJN)

Firefly ATR72-600 (9M-FIB)

9M-FIB is now fitted with a new paint job. Are they going to be doing this for all the new -600 series that are delivered??

That is all for now, will be adding the back segment soon, with UPS' 767, FedEx's A310 and SilkAir's 738. Stay Tuned.........

*PS :- trying out a different programme in resizing the images. There may be slight changes in image quality.

airasia sharklets penang sslee 9m-ajn
9m-fib sslee penang landing
9m-ajg penang sslee
sriwijaya baby boeing b737-500 sslee penang
malindo 9m-lml atr72-600
9m-aje sslee penang

Sunday 3 August 2014

Hong Kong Terminal Planespotting - 001

Here are some shots while transiting at Hong Kong International Airport. Had lots of hours (and memory space) to spare, here are some of it. Not going to go in sequential, just random shots here and there. This round, will be all Boeing 777s.

Singapore Airlines B777-312ER (9V-SWS)

Engines up and running and on its way to the active runway. The van serves as an interesting size comparison between an aircraft, and a land craft. Managed to get it just as the cloud cover scattered to allow some light through.

Air France B777-223ER (F-GSPM)

This one just parked and is ready for refuelling, reloading and for passenger disembarking.

Cathay Pacific B777-367ER - With some wing flex 

I know, this is not exactly Hong Kong Terminal, but in my defense, we were descending to Hong Kong. Just passing through some space in between two layers of clouds.

Three for now. 

I do welcome comments. :)