Sunday 23 September 2018

Singapore Airlines A350 ULR Delivery

I'm back after a few months and here I am in sunny Singapore. Finally got the chance to visit the famous Changi Beach. There were quite a few (seriously a lot more within such a short time compared to what I usually get in Penang) catches which will be posted when I do have the opportunity.

But now, to the main topic. SIA is known for their ultra-long-haul flights direct to Newark and Los Angeles using the A340-500 aircraft. These direct flights however were stopped in November 2013 as they were not profitable with the "fuel guzzlers".

Now, the route is seeing the light again with the arrival of the A350ULR (Ultra Long Range). So 2 engines, same distance, much lower fuel consumption.

Here's the first one, coming all the way from Toulouse, France routing via the North Pole, as SQ8895. Photo Link

These A350s have straighter winglets

Singapore Airlines A350-941ULR

Front Section

Fun fact: 
9V-SGA, the current registration for the A350ULR was formerly the registration for the A340-500 used for the ultra long haul routes as well. Interesting to know that they are reusing them for the same purpose.

I will upload other traffic I got during the 2-hour session when I am able to get some free time.

Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for more.


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