Monday 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Here's wishing all viewers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!


Saturday 10 December 2016

Taipei Songshan Airport spotting 12/2016

Oh yes... I have traveled a few thousand kilometers away and here I am at Songshan Airport (RCSS/TSA). I am of course without my trusty photo software, so Paint would suffice for the resizing of the photo (hope not too much degradation in photo quality). This was taken from the market. A few to start with. 

Uni Air ATR72-600 (B-17015)

A rather aged aircraft (though new for me). The Mad Dog. Been always wanting to do this. The FAT aircraft is relatively thin. 

Far Eastern Air Transport (would use FAT) MD-82 (B-28021)

China Airlines A330-302 (B-18309)

Songshan sees a mix of regional and long-haul aircraft, ranging from the ATR to the Dreamliner. And as an added bonus, you might catch a glimpse of their Air Force. Take this Fokker for instance.

Taiwan Air Force Fokker 50 (5003)

This next one is a new catch for me too. A small jet (with engines as loud as that of the 737) with sleek looks.

Mandarin Airlines E190 (B-16821)

Taiwan at this time is usually covered by clouds (and from what I've found out some haze too that is ever present throughout the year). Taipei 101 was barely visible from this point. You can more or less tell when there is a spot of light, and otherwise. Ooohh another MD!

FAT MD-83 (B-28027)

This next shot really brings the Chinese out from this land.

China Airlines A330-302 (B-18301)

I thought this next one was just a small object in the sky far away. Didn't really take note until it was closer. And it is this time where I really really miss my zoom lens. Look at how much room it has to fly around the photo.

National Airborne Service Corps AS365N (NA-101)

More to come.