Sunday, 30 December 2018

Changi Beach Spotting 2018.10.15

Managed to squeeze another session at Changi Beach before leaving Singapore. This was a rather short session as I was all the way in the middle of Singapore doing some exploration. Only managed to arrive later in the evening when the sun was setting and when the clouds rolled in.

First shot is usually a test shot of the environment, and.... this did not turn out as how I would have liked it to turn out, but regardless, here's a 737-700.

Regent Airways B737-7V3 (S2-AHC)

Quite a number of arrivals were on the other runway, and with low light and having the subject way too far away, not many nice shots were taken. Was glad that this "Dugong" came. The same one I caught during the last session.

Singapore Airlines A380-841 (9V-SKV)

And I still remembered when Scoot (Tigerair) first came in their new livery on the narrowbody jets. Was so excited to see them in Penang. Most of their fleet is now in this livery and only a handful of jets are either in all-white or white with Scoot stickers.

Scoot A320-232 (9V-TAX)

Up next is the stretched and longer range variant of the 777, the 777-300ER, commonly known as 77W by many. Those raked wingtips are actually more effective for long-haul flights than winglets.

Singapore Airlines B777-312(ER) (9V-SWT)

The dimmer switch was adjusted and I had some light to brighten up these last few arrivals. Starting with the OZ dugong.

Qantas A380-842 (VH-OQA)

BA's 77W joined in the party as the sky began to brighten even more.

British Airways B777-36N(ER) (G-STBB)

Long haul twins like these 350 is going to be a very common sight in the coming future. It is an amazing aircraft nonetheless (though I still have more fondness of the 330/340 nose design)

Singapore Airlines A350-941 (9V-SMJ)

And just as I was about to pack to leave the area, the sun decided to show itself for a short moment, bathing this Jetstar aircraft with a lovely golden light.

Jetstar Asia A320-232 (9V-JSK)

So far that's all the sessions that I have so far at Changi Beach. Will be revisiting this spot again next year.

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I wish all readers a wonderful New Year 2019.
Have a great year everyone !!


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