Tuesday 12 March 2019

A very new place for the new year

2 months into the New Year and it has been great indeed. Here's wishing all readers Happy New Year, and may 2019 be as incredible, if not more that of 2018. Had the opportunity to do a little bit of spotting while in the Perth area.

Flying into Perth was really bumpy. Went through a few air pockets where you literally see people lifted off their seats. With me sitting at the middle section, I had no view of the surroundings at all, so all I could do was to look in the cabin. Someone's water from their cup even went up to the overhead bin.

Singapore Airlines B777-212(ER) (9V-SVC)

And what a coincidence, parked next to us were 2 Malaysian birds. Malindo's 738 and AirAsia X's A333. A Thai A333 arrived almost at the same time as well and this added to the long queue at immigration (almost an hour).

About 20 minutes South of Perth, is Jandakot Airport, a smaller airport that is mainly used for flight training, the Royal Flying Doctor Service as well as a hub for aerial firefighting vehicles. Some charter flights also operate from this airport. Most aircraft are props, with the occasional few business jets and the sole PC-24 of the RFDS.

The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia (RACWA) is one of the bigger public flying schools in the area, operating mainly Cessna 172s and 152s. They made the place up quite well, with an outdoor viewing platform that directly overlooks the parking bay.

Cessna 172s

Manual tow

It is amazing indeed to see youths taking up flying. There were those as young as 16 going for flight lessons. Just think about it, you can actually handle and aircraft before you can handle a car.



Also managed to spot this flying antique, a Tiger Moth. Look at the simplicity of the cockpit instrument layout as compared with even the C172s.

DH-82 Tiger Moth (VH-CKF)

This vantage point also provided a good view of one of the runways (which was currently in use, Runway 12). Here, you can have an unblock view of aircraft on finals and the entire length of the runway.

C441 Conquest (VH-VEW)

Now back to the apron for some aircraft that are just about to depart. There was actually a "squadron" of Mooneys, each with a different colour.

Mooney M20J (VH-JXC)


PA24-260 Comanche (VH-STF)

C182 (VH-JMF)

And to end this post, here's one of the bigger sized aircraft getting ready to depart. They are used to ferry patients around the region to this airport before being transferred to the nearby Fiona Stanley Hospital by ambulance or by chopper.


Thanks for visiting. Will still be adding more posts if I do get a chance to spot, or will dig up unposted PEN photos.


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