Monday, 1 July 2013

Hong Kong #5

Cathays Galore..... well, and a Dragon Air

Cathay Pacific B777-300 (B-HNE)

Cathay Pacific B777-200 (B-HNC)

The -300 is extended both before and after the wing (with almost equal length based on these pics). It's amazing how the same wingspan of the -200 is able to support the extended fuselage length of the -300.

Dragon Air A321-200 (B-HTI)

Don't get to see A321s in Penang.
 Cathay Pacific A330-300

Here's a shot of the cargo terminal before takeoffs. Would you just look at the number of 747s parked there. I count about 9, quite a number of them being the 748f.

And here's the runway just before the Captain aligns to it.

Bon Voyage Hong Kong... See you soon.

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