Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Penang Planespotting #003 - 29 May 2016 - Part 3

Here's part 3. Some narrowbodies to start with.

Lion Air came in near the afternoon.

Lion Air B737-9GPER (PK-LHT)

Firefly with the Visit Kedah 2016 Livery departed just under an hour after it arrived

Firefly ATR72-600 (9M-FIE)

Sriwijaya Air B737-86J (PK-CMN)

SilkAir B737-8SA (9V-MGO)

Indonesia AirAsia A320-216 (PK-AZH)

And to top it off, like always, the Queen of the skies came in from Taiwan.

China Airlines Cargo B747-409F (B-18717) - With the gulfstream behind

That's part 3. More to come.


gulfstream sslee penang planespotting
747 penang sslee

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