Monday, 12 September 2016

Penang Planespotting #006 - 06 July 2016 - Part 2

And what a great day for spotting. It is sometimes better to go spotting on the weekends, and sometimes better on weekdays.

Neptune Air B737-3S3(SF) (9M-NEF)

Side view of the Converted Freighter

With its larger sister

Neptune Air works only on weekdays (well as far as I have tracked), so on weekends, the best shots you could get is the aircraft resting at the apron. Nothing else.

And with the sun conditions you've been seeing, it is apparent that there were very dark and thick clouds within the vicinity, which of course led to some rain. That was NOT good as the Kiwijet was begining its pushback sequence. Missed and AirAsia and a Malindo jet. But thankfully, the rain eased a bit and I was able to put my camera out (with some rain repellent modifications) to get the following shots.

Royal New Zealand Air Force B757-2K2 (NZ7572)

Followed by a short taxi to runway 04

And ultimately departing South

Next up are two Queens. One departing, and one arriving. Look at the rudder deflection on the Korean.

Korean Air Cargo B747-4B5F(SCD) (HL7448)

Eva Air Cargo B747-45EF(SCD) (B-16482)

That's all for this session. More sessions coming.


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