Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Penang Planespotting #008 - 31 August 2016 - Part 3

It has been some time since I've updated this, but nevertheless, I am back. Here the rest of the shots for the spotting on the 31st August 2016.

And guess who decided to say hi. A flyby at low speeds, no afterburners. It's amazing how quiet they can be.

Now back to the runway.

Malindo Air B737-8GP (9M-LNP)

Rolling from the beginning of runway 22, and with those sharklets, rotation was early. Hence this shot.

AirAsia A320-216 (9M-AQU)

Then the winds changed and it was back to using 04.

Malindo ATR72-600 (9M-LMP)

Before this final rather shaky one. I do notice quite a number of Firefly aircraft doing such aerobatics, though most of the time it was windy.

Firefly ATR72-500 (9M-FYA)

That is all for this post. Stay tuned for more.

Just a sneak peak. Noticed anything different about this China Southern Airlines aircraft?


sslee penang planespotting
planespotting sslee86 f-18
malindo penang airasia

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