Saturday, 19 July 2014

Planespotting : The Rainspotting Edition - Part 2

In this edition of Rainspotting.... the highlights are....

UPS B767
Malindo and Firefly ATR72-600
China Airlines B747
SilkAir's FIRST B738

Welcome back, here are the stories. Still raining, and will still be raining to the end of the spotting trip

UPS B767-34AF ER (N330UP)

I was rather hoping that the rain would stop and the sun would shine for this beauty, but the clouds were there and showed no signs of breaking up. Well I was already set up for spotting in the rain, so the snapping ensues.

Firefly ATR72-600 (9M-FIA)

Malindo ATR72-600 (9M-LMF)

No matter how small, they were all capable of handling the crosswind. The next heavy was unexpected. Happy to see it nevertheless.

China Airlines Cargo B747-409F (B-18718)

And to end it (again) was SilkAir's B737-800 with the 25-Year Anniversary markings.

SilkAir B737-8SA (9V-MGA)

One new experience, seeing wipers of Boeings and Airbuses in action.

And that concludes rainspotting. Hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time.


ups b767-300er landing rain penang sslee
china cargo airlines b747-400f landing penang
sslee atr72-600 malindo firefly penang 

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