Tuesday 19 March 2013

Heavy Day #1

This trip was extremely filled with landings, with the total of 24 landings, including the Asiana 747 in the previous post. Will leave out the B734s and the A322s (for now). The sad (yet great) thing was that it was raining during the first few landings, which seriously cut down the number of views of the aircraft, and was cloudy the rest of the day, hence the darkened gloomy shots. But the great thing is, I was not ROASTED. So oh well. worked for me.

First off, (well the first was a Malaysian Airlines B737-400) is the A300-600F of DHL/Air Hong Kong. 

A300-600F Air Hong Kong/DHL 

This freighter frequently visits Penang. About once every 2 days.

Next, this is actually the first for me. A Berjaya Air ATR-72-500 (9M-TAG).

Only managed to get a few shots of this aircraft as it started to rain then.

Then there was a great treat for me. A 767 operated by UPS. I could use tonnes of words to describe it, but I'll let the photo do the talking.

UPS B767-300 N340UP

I couldn't have hoped for a better timing and lighting for the shot of this aircraft.

That's all for this part. 

To be continued****

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